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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Who’s ready for more comparisons?  I know I am!  Today, we’re taking a look at Marissa, who also did a 5 series.  Thank you Marissa, for your willingness to be photographed through this process.  Now, let’s take a look at Marissa’s before (on the left) and after (on the right) pictures.  What do you think?

See how Marissa’s shoulders are uneven in the first pictures?  Look at how level they are after 5 sessions!  Her head is even tilted to the side at first, but straight up after the work.  And her neck looks longer as well!  We can start to see Marissa’s arms coming further back, too.  If you take  a look at the pictures of her back, you can see so much more of her forearms and hands after the five sessions than before, eh?  Then, let’s take a look at Marissa’s legs.  See how her legs come in at the knees and go back out at the ankles?  Notice how they are closer to parallel in the ‘after’ pics?  Her feet are more parallel, too.  And if you look at the pictures of her back again, notice the creases in the back of her knees.  See how they’re coming closer to horizontal in the after pictures?  Yeah, you sure do!  Lookin’ good, Marissa!

Now we can look at her pictures from the side.  Oh boy!

Just like with Steve, we can immediately notice how Marissa’s ears are coming back over her shoulders and how her head is more on top of her body than in front of it.  Hooray!  We notice her shoulders are less rounded forward, allowing her shoulder blades to rest flat against her back.  There’s an easily visible smaller curve in Marissa’s low back, making her taller and more upright in general.  And we can see the same changes we saw in Steve’s legs, where they are more relaxed and balanced looking after 5 session, making them look less ropey than before.

Pretty thrilling, don’t you think?  And for those of you who are always asking me, “yeah, but does it last?”  These ‘after’ pictures were taken two weeks after Marissa’s last session.  Still pretty dramatic in my book.  So what do you think?  I’d love to hear your feedback, when you get a chance.

Who doesn’t love some good before and after pictures, eh?  I’ve been pretty excited about this whole photo/video project I’ve been working on for the past couple months.  And I’m excited to share that two people are finished with their 5-serieses.  Serieses?  That can’t be right.  Whatever the plural of 5-series is, that’s what I meant to say.  Regardless, today we’re going to do a little visual analysis of the before and after pictures of Mr. Steve.  I hope you’re ready, ’cause it’s going to be absolutely thrilling.  Let me tell you.

Okey dokey.  To get started, let’s take a minute to say thank you to Steve for his willingness to be photographed in his underwear.  What  a champ!  Then, let’s take a look at Steve’s before and after pictures with him facing forward and backward.

So, when I look at these photos, the changes from before the first session (on the left) and after the 5th session (on the right) are pretty dramatic.  But, I look at people’s structures all day long.  Just ask my friends.  I can’t go anywhere without pointing out people who need Rolfing.  I’m pretty annoying.  Let’s get back to Steve, though, shall we?  Let’s take the first two pictures, of Steve’s front.  Can we just look at those shoulders?  I mean, wow.  Not only does he look 6 inches broader, but those shoulders are pretty damn close to even in height in the second picture…not so much in the first.  Yay!  And look at that head!  It’s like the turtle has come out of his shell in the second picture.  As we take a look at Steve’s back, we see that same breadth across the shoulders.  Gorgeous.  Now, take a look at Steve’s feet.  Notice how much more parallel they are in the ‘after’ pictures?  Yeah, I bet you do.  Ready for more?

Let’s move on to a little side action.  This is where it gets really crazy.  I hope you’re prepared.

Check out that neck!  Steve’s probably an inch taller, with his head over his shoulders instead of out in front of them.  And again, there are those stunning shoulders.  Rolled forward in the first pictures, and not so much in the after pics.  Love it!  And take a look at his chest.  In the before shots, there’s a bit of a shortening, or a collapsing of his rib cage.  In the after pictures, he’s all puffed up like a robin on the first day of spring.  As we take a look at his abdomen, we notice that just from postural changes, it looks like Steve’s lost 5 pounds of belly.  No sit-ups involved!  Through his legs we can see that the muscles look more balanced and relaxed after the 5-series and less ropey than they did beforehand.  And then we’ve got one last look at those much-closer-to-parallel feet.  Huzzah!

Well, this all might not be as exciting to you as it is to me.  But as you know, I don’t normally take before and after pictures in my practice.  So it’s been fun seeing the visual results of these sessions.  Maybe, with practice, or enough time spent hanging out with me, you too can annoy your friends by pointing out strangers who need Rolfing!  Fingers crossed.

Next up, we get to check out Marissa’s pictures.  I’m on the edge of my seat.  Until then, enjoy this beautiful spring, SassyPants!


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