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Monthly Archives: February 2015

I’m coming up on 5 years as a Rolfer (time flies, ya know?)! It’s been such a wonderful ride. And whether you were here at the start, or just got on this train recently, I am so, so grateful to have you in my practice. I have the best clients. Period.

And now, I’m asking for a favor. I’ve been listening to the same “Rolfing Mix” of music for almost 5 years. I love my mix. There’s great stuff on there. And, it’s time for a change. So I’m turning to you for suggestions. What would you love to get Rolfed to? What puts you in that perfect Rolfing mood? You know, the mood for relaxed healing, but not sleeping? The music that’s interesting without being jarring or offensive? I’d love to hear your suggestions of artists, albums, or songs that you think would be a great fit. I’m excited about what I’ve got so far, but I need your creative genius to make this the best mix I possibly can.

Thanks for your help on this, and thanks for being the best clients a lady could ask for!