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Monthly Archives: July 2015

I want to try a different way. I want to dream into being a place where we focus on the basic work of living. Where our periods of rest and activity are determined by the sun and the seasons and our small internal voice that says ‘sleep’ or ‘go, do things.’ I dream of a place where we lie down when we are tired. Eat when we are hungry. Celebrate when joy bursts out of and through us. Where we work hard during the day because we are strong and our bodies get stronger and feel better when we use them. Where the work we do is meaningful and creative and necessary. Where art is created and valued. Where we live in dwellings that support and nurture our spirits as well as our bodies. Where we eat food we grow and gather and prepare ourselves. Where we talk to each other and laugh with each other and give thanks with each other and dance with each other. Where we remember the beauty and grace of simply being alive and what a magical gift that is. Where we take care with this life we’ve been granted.

I’ve been reading, listening to, and watching a lot of good stuff lately. If you’re interested in being heartbroken and inspired, like I was, here’s a short list: