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What exactly is a Source Point?

Your Source Point is a point just to the right of your navel.  Six to eighteen inches to the right of your navel to be exact.  It’s also called the Blueprint Point or your Order Point.  At the beginning of every session, I set four points around your body, all in relation to your belly button.  The first one is the Source Point, out to the right.

The next three points are below your feet, to the left of your navel, and above your head, all six to eighteen inches from your body.  Below your feet we have the  Grounding or Balance Point.  To your left is the Activation or Harmony Point.  And lastly, above your head is the Transformation or Flow Point.  They form a diamond around you and are therefore called the diamond points.  Everyone thinks this SourcePoint stuff is fancy and complicated, but really it’s just the opposite, which is why I like it so much.  In case you were wondering, they’re gold and tiny, but you can picture them as purple racquetballs if you’d like.  And you (or I) should always set them in the same order.  Right, below the feet, left, above the head. Order, Balance, Harmony, Flow.  It even sounds nice to say!

The diamond points are with you all day, every day.   You had them in the womb, and they’ll stay with you ’til you die.  They’re your container, as well as your connection to the energy field around you.  And even though these points are always with you, we sometimes lose the connection to them.  It’s like an old radio tuner and you’re not quite on the right frequency.  Close enough that you can hear the music; far enough away that it’s all staticky with another station butting in once in a while.  When I’m ‘setting the points,’ I’m just getting you tuned in to precisely the right frequency.

So now you know what I’m doing at the beginning and end of every session.  You can set the points yourself whenever you’d like.  Simply picture them in your imagination, or you can physically try and feel them with the palm of your hand.  You can imagine gold lines connecting each of them, to form the diamond, as well as a cross in the center.  The line from top to bottom is your midline, remember?  Setting your own points can be a great way to bring in a little calm and order if you’re feeling frantic.  I like to set mine if I’m having trouble falling asleep.

Give it a try and tell me what you think.  If you’re having trouble finding or feeling your points, bring it up in your next session and we’ll go over it together.  You’ll soon be on your way to being a SourcePoint Sorcerer yourself!

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