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Client Spotlight

Today I’m going to introduce you to Liz, who finished the 10-series a few months ago.
Hopefully you’ll find her story as interesting as I do!  And if you’d like to tell your story, I’d love to hear it and share it if you’re willing!

Liz Edelman

I began receiving the Rolfing 10 Series with Theresa last fall. I had been hearing about Rolfing for the last 20 years and was curious about pursuing Rolfing as a career. Although I had a little informal experience with a sport coach who was a Rolfer, I really wanted a more complete experience with the 10 series.

Right away, at my first session, I felt comfortable and at ease with Theresa and her approach. I spaced my sessions about every two weeks and found that I very quickly began to eagerly await the next session. Theresa always seemed to find those special spots that needed a bit of extra attention despite the fact that I either didn’t know they did or didn’t mention them to her!

I’m sure other Rolfers are good, but the true value in seeing Theresa is Theresa herself. Her spirit, energy, caring, and experience create an incredibly healing atmosphere. While the Rolfing is exceptional, it’s what Theresa brings to the table that makes it transformative. You wouldn’t just go to any mechanic or pick any vet out of the directory; the same goes for bodywork. You want someone who brings a little something extra and that is definitely what Theresa does!

It’s like what Theresa says on her website. “Rolfing lets you be more yourself.” When I first read that I thought “what the heck does that mean???” But then around session 7, I got it. I felt it. I knew what that meant, but not in a verbal way. All I know is that I feel better after sessions with Theresa, and not just in my body, but also in my heart and soul.

Favorite area to be Rolfed: SI Joint & Sacrum

From Theresa:I’d really love to hear your story about why you decided to try Rolfing!  If you’d like to be featured in my newsletter and on my blog, please reach out!

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