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As I was walking through the snow last night, I almost slipped and fell a few times on hidden ice.  Which reminded me of a bad fall I took 8 years ago on some icy steps, which resulted in a hip that ‘pops’ very loudly on a fairly regular basis.  Maybe you’ve had the pleasure of hearing it yourself.  And, because I think about these things, I started thinking about the sacrum, which is the topic of today’s blog post!

So, what is a sacrum?  At the bottom of your spine, right after your lumbar vertebrae end, but before your coccyx begins, there are 5 more vertebrae that start fusing together when you’re around 16 years old and end up becoming one bone around the time you turn 26.  That one bone is your sacrum.  Isn’t it cool that your body is still changing at 26?  5 bones become one!  Voilà!  (Your clavicles aren’t fully calcified until you’re about 40!)  But this isn’t the only reason your sacrum is so awesome.  The sacrum is the geometric center of the body, which is pretty important, it turns out.  Also, the sacrum is considered part of the spine AND part of the pelvis.  What?!?  This puppy moves like the spine and moves like the pelvis, which means it’s the only bone in the body to rotate on three (count ‘em, three!) axes.

And while that’s cool and all, why would you care about the sacrum?  Let’s be honest here, you probably won’t care about the sacrum, even after reading this.  But the thing is, what with the sacrum being the geometric center of the body, it really is connected to everything else.  And so when the sacrum isn’t happy and free to move on all three of those axes, you tend to get other problems popping up all over the place.  Also, in a funny twist, it seems to be the injury that people most often forget to mention in my office.  They remember getting their tonsils out and breaking their arm and the bad ankle sprain and the minor concussion.  But that fall on their butt that left them struggling to walk for the next month?  Conveniently slipped their minds.  I’m just as guilty of this, having received almost 30 Rolfing sessions before I remembered my awesome fall down those icy steps.

But if that shoulder, or knee, or neck thing just won’t go away, I’ll probably take a look at your sacrum.  Luckily, I do those fancy scans that will tell me if the problem is in the sacrum, even if you won’t.  There’s even a special energetic tracing pattern just for the sacrum.  That’s how big of a deal the sacrum is.  And if you’ve had a bad fall that’s now affecting your shoulder, or knee, or neck, I’ll probably do that energetic tracing on your sacrum, so there.  If you think this is something you could benefit from, just say the word during your next session and we’ll take care of it.  I’ve got your back.  Literally.  That’s all I’ll say on the sacrum.  For now.

On a completely unrelated note, happy Winter Solstice! And Merry Christmas, and happy whatever it is that you celebrate this time of year!  I hope you’re staying warm and enjoying all the warmth and light (at least inside our homes) of the season!  Thanks for being awesome!  I’m glad you’re a part of my life!

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