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(Note: If you’re a pregnant woman, this is written directly to you. If you’re not, this is written to the pregnant women you know, so don’t get all huffy if you’re a guy or a non­preggo lady and I’m talking about your pregnancy. Thanks.)

Yes, and you probably should. Here’s why: Your body is changing and growing every day. Which is great, but can make a lot of things uncomfortable. Things like walking, standing, sitting, lying down, and breathing. Rolfing can help with all of these things, which makes you happier, which, in turn, makes baby happier. It also makes everybody healthier, and calmer when you can breathe.

Any time your body changes significantly, be it during a pubescent growth spurt, significant weight loss or gain, or pregnancy and post-partum, your body might struggle to find balance. I read an article a few years ago about how common it is for pregnant women to topple over. I don’t remember the specifics, but it was very common and the article went on to explain that this doesn’t hurt the baby. But what about the mom? I sure don’t like falling over, as it hurts my pride as well as my knees, and wrists, usually. That’s where Rolfing comes in. I generally recommend a Rolfing session every 3-5 weeks for expecting mothers so we can work with your body as it shifts and find a place of balance, ease, and comfort.

Also, there’s a specific “delivery session” I do to speed up and ease labor. I’ll do this up to a week before your due date and anytime after. The purpose is to open the pelvic floor to make the delivery smoother and less painful, as well as to induce labor. Even if you are planning to induce chemically, you can receive this session just before to augment and ease the process. And who doesn’t want a little more room in their pelvic floor before a delivery? So if you’re looking for a little help either with comfort during your pregnancy or with comfort and speed during your labor, give Rolfing a try. You, and your baby, are worth it!

P.S. Babies need Rolfing, too!

If you think labor is hard on you, just think how tough it must be for your little one. All that pressure on their heads, all the shock of suddenly having to breathe on their own; it’s no wonder babies sleep so much. I see children under 10 for free, so call me to make an appointment for your little one(s) to come in!

Well, let me tell you, I work with people of all ages.  I love working with children.  To date, the youngest person I’ve worked with was three weeks old.  Birth is a pretty traumatic experience and usually there’s some residual holding patterns that a kid can get stuck with if they’re not addressed.  In older children, I’ve worked with general posture, back pain, ADD, sleep patterns, headaches and migraines, and self confidence issues.  It’s fun for me to work with kids for a lot of reasons, but one of the main ones is that their tissues respond so quickly.  They have patterns that have only been held for a few years, instead of 20 or 40, and those patterns are quick to unravel with a little input.

On the other end of the spectrum, my oldest client so far was 87.  I enjoy working with the elderly as well, but you have to understand that scoliosis in an 87-year-old is a very different issue than scoliosis in a 12-year-old.  Treatment for older people is generally going to take longer, both in session length and number.  And reversing an 87-year-old pattern completely is nearly impossible, although there’s a lot that can be done by way of pain management and damage control.

So now you know.  If you’re alive, I’ll work with you.  I’m not an ageist, after all.