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This subject has come up 4 different times, with 4 different people in the last week.  So I figured now was as good a time as any to drag it out into the light. The conversation goes something like this:  “I’m fine with the Rolfing.  I just don’t believe in the energy work.”  Or, more directly, “So, you’re a witch doctor.”  And my favorite, “Weird.  You went directly to where it hurts and I didn’t even tell you.”

And can I just begin with this:  I know it’s weird.  I think it’s weird, too.  It’s just that I happen to like weird stuff.  I was first exposed to SourcePoint Therapy by my hero, my mentor, my greatest instructor at the Rolf Institute, Ray McCall.  And watching him work was amazing, in that we, as students, never had any idea how he knew what he knew.  But when the client got off the table, the results were undeniable.  They looked lighter, freer, easier, and about a foot taller.  It was so weird, and so maddening, because we had no idea how to recreate it in our own clients.  My classmate, Laura, and I commonly remarked that we just knew he had a magic wand somewhere, maybe up his sleeve, or under the table or something, and if only we could get our hands on magic wands of our own, we could be amazing Rolfers, too.

The thing is, it wasn’t too long ago that I thought energy work was for whack jobs.  I used to roll my eyes and nod condescendingly when people talked about moving qi and seeing auras and whatnot.  So if you’re there now, I’m fine with that.  I get it.  I wanted something “real;” something I could touch with my hands.  But now, I can feel energy, and touch it with my hands.  I know it’s real, even if nobody else believes me.  Call it intuition combined with self-esteem.  Call it the placebo effect.  Call it crazy.  It doesn’t matter to me.  This is the way I work.  This is what makes sense for me.  If it bothers you, or offends your sensibilities, or you think I’m wasting your time waving my hands in the air, then you probably shouldn’t be my client.  I’d be happy to refer you to a Rolfer where there will be absolutely no energy work or magic wand waving involved.

But when I get a session that includes energy work, it’s a much more holistic session, than one without.  Yes, we’re working on my back pain and that weird thing my knee does, but we’re also working on the bad ju-ju that’s stuck in my knee contributing to why I keep injuring it.  Which is why I signed up for a SourcePoint class ten days after I graduated as a Rolfer and have been incorporating it in my work ever since.  I called Laura after that class ended and said, “I feel like I got my own magic wand!”  She knew what I was talking about.  Now, when I’m working, I trust the information I receive from the energetic field.  More often than not, it makes for happy, pain-free clients, and that’s what I’m after.  Without SourcePoint, I’d be doing the 10-series, and pretty much only the 10-series.  Despite my love of the 10-series, it’s not for everyone.  Besides, I think the world could use a little more magic, in every aspect of life, so why not have a little more magic in our healing?  So go ahead, call me a witch doctor.  I’ll take it as a compliment.

I’m really excited because last night I got to spend the night at a farm.  Some friends of mine are farm-sitting up in Niwot and they had me and a couple girlfriends up for a slumber party last night.  I was in absolute heaven.  Not only do I dream of someday having a little farm of my own, but this was a really sweet pad with super-plush carpeting, a hot tub from which we watched the stars, and, best of all, a giant trampoline!

Trampolines are fun and all, but what’s the big deal?  Well, despite the risk for sprained ankles, broken necks, and twisted wrists, trampolines can actually be good for you.  I learned about this in a book called Crazy Sexy Diet:  Eat Your Veggies, Ignite Your Spark, and Live Like You Mean It! by Kris Carr.  As I may have mentioned, a few months ago I did a 3-week cleanse with a bunch of friends and that cleanse came from this book.  The lovely Ms. Carr has had cancer for the last 8 years and has been keeping it under control through diet, exercise, and lifestyle and this book goes into all the details.  In it, she talks about rebounding, or bouncing on a trampoline, and how good it is for detoxing.

Wait, what?  The theory goes that when you bounce, your body, and therefore every cell in your body, experiences being in and out of gravity, over and over again.  This alternating between gravity and non-gravity acts like a pump to flush the bad stuff out of your cells.  Hence, bouncing like a little kid makes your healthier overall.  According to Kris, you’re supposed to rebound for 35 minutes a day.  And if you do it with friends, on a soaked trampoline in the moonlight, you might just laugh your head off like I did.  We all know laughter’s the best medicine, so it’s really a two-for-one kind of deal.  And who doesn’t love a BOGO?