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Hey SassyPants,

I’ve been meaning to drop you a note about how awesome Katy Bowman is and how you should read her books and listen to her podcast and watch her videos and read her blog.  And that’s probably going to happen at some point, because Katy Bowman is my hero and she is, indeed, awesome and you should, indeed, do all those things.  But, this isn’t that note.

What I want to talk about today, is the Rolfing 10-series.  This is a weird one for me for many reasons.  While I love, love, love the 10-series, I don’t recommend the 10-series very often.  It’s such a big commitment.  I find the thought of committing to 10 whole sessions, right off the bat, to be intimidating to a lot of people.  I mean, we just met.  I’m not going to ask you to commit to spending 15 hours and $1,200 with me, right from the start.  Sometimes a client walks in already committed.  They want the 10-series.  They’ve watched my videos and read my blog posts; they feel like they already know enough about me.  They’ve researched the 10-series, or had a friend or relative go through it and it’s something they’ve wanted to do for a while.  They’re ready.  And good for them.  But that’s not average.  Most people come to me because something hurts and they’ve tried everything else and it hasn’t worked and finally they’re ready to give big, scary Rolfing a try.  So, no, I’m not going to tell those brave souls that they now need to commit to coming back 9 more times and undertaking this huge transformative journey.  Especially when it might not be right for them.

If you’re in agony, the 10-series is not for you.  The 10-series is for healthy people who want to be healthier.  It’s for people who feel good, but want to feel great.  If you have low-back pain that makes it so you can’t sleep, can’t sit without pain, can’t enjoy a meal, do you really want to wait until the 6th session before we work on your back?  ‘Cause that’s how the 10-series is set up.  If you put one to three weeks between sessions, we’re looking at 6 to 18 weeks before we directly address your back pain.  Sure, with the magic of fascia being everywhere and all connected, your back pain might go away after we address your breath in session one.  Or maybe after we address your feet and lower legs in session two.  But maybe not.  Remember, most of my clients are coming to me after they’ve been in pain for a long time, and have tried a lot of other things that haven’t worked.  The last thing I’m going to tell them is to give me a month or three to see if maybe I can help.

But I do love, love, love the 10-series.  So, when a client is ready for it, I get excited.  And the other day, when my Rolfer friend, Dave sent me this text, “Want to trade a ten series?” I got pretty excited, and “yes!” was the only response available to me.  I’ve been through the process of receiving the 10-series 2 1/2 times before, but it’s been 4 1/2 years since that last half a time through.  And, this may sound odd, but I’ve never actually received the 10-series from a Certified Rolfer™.  What?!  I know!!  My first introduction to Rolfing, and trip through the 10-series was as a model for a student in a class of soon-to-be Rolfers.  And my second trip through was in my own class, halfway through my training, when all of us students did the 10-series on each other.  My 1/2 journey through the series was when a similar class had a student drop out in the middle and since they were all working on each other, they needed someone to step in and take his spot.  I was that person.  So, all of my Rolfers in my experience of the 10-series, have been students.  When I realized a few days ago that I was about to get my first 10-series from a Certified Rolfer, and a very experienced, skilled Rolfer, who does SourcePoint, at that, I almost started wagging my tail I was so pumped.  (I don’t actually have a tail, but I often wish I did.)

For those of you who haven’t researched the 10-series extensively, or who haven’t already been through it, the 10-series is basically one really big, full-body session broken down into 10 pieces, because 10-15 hours of bodywork in one day is too much for anyone to receive, as well as too much for one bodyworker to give.  It’s broken up into three segments.  Sessions 1-3 are called the superficial, or sleeve sessions, with the structural goal of opening the outer layer of the body, to prepare it for the deeper work to come.  Sessions 4-7 are called the deep or core sessions, and they work with (surprise!) deep or core structures that aren’t often addressed in a typical massage.  And sessions 8-10 are the integrative sessions where we focus on finding the highest possible level of organization, connection, and communication throughout the body.  Each session has goals of its own, both structural and energetic in nature.  And each Rolfer and client can have specific goals for the series as a whole.  When Dave asked me what my goals for the series were, I’ll admit, I didn’t have a great answer.  My goals are kinda vague and nebulous.  I mean, I’ve already had a lot of Rolfing.  Even if I haven’t been through the 10-series in a while, Dave and I have been trading a session every month or two for about 5 years now.  And I’m a Rolfer.  I do a fair amount of self-care as I need it.  I stretch while waiting for clients to show up.  I’m mindful of my posture and my habits.  But at the same time, I haven’t had dedicated, focused, regular bodywork in a long time.  Since my last 10-series, I’ve gone from never running to being an ultra runner.  I got really into yoga, doing 3-6 classes a week, and then stopped doing yoga altogether.  I’ve taken up (and put back down) climbing.  I met and married my husband.  I’ve moved a few times.  I’ve made friends and lost friends.  I got a pull-up bar.  You know, things change.  And there are a lot of little things that bug me regularly.  My right foot turns out to the side a bit.  My left hip aches now and again.  My shoulders round forward more than I’d like.  And every now and again I have a rib go out of place for a few days.  So, I’d like to address all of those, if we can.  It just feels like I could use a full-body tune up.  Which, the 10-series is great for.  Also, enlightenment.  I’d like to achieve enlightenment.  The 10-series can do that, right?

So, I’m starting the 10-series and I’m going to try to write about it as I go.  Both from the perspective of a Rolfer, knowing the objectives of each session and all the nerdy behind-the-scenes goodness, and from the perspective of a client, receiving the sessions in an attempt at greater health.  I hope it’s interesting or helpful or entertaining.  (Also, if you’ve been thinking about doing a 10-series yourself, this might be a great time to try it, as I’ll be digging through all my notes and whatnot from classes that I may not have looked at in, oh, 5 or 6 years.  Good stuff.)  Let the journey begin!

Spring is here! Warmer weather, more daylight, and all kinds of flowers poking their brave heads above the ground. It’s all so juicy!

So, I just realized that I’m going to be in Chicago for my 5-year anniversary of graduating from the Rolf Institute as a real, live Certified Rolfer. Which is sad, because I wanted to do something special to celebrate. But, hold up, it’s not actually sad at all because it just means that I’m going to do that something special earlier. Hooray!

Dr. Ida Rolf (who came up with Rolfing, in case you didn’t know and thought we Rolfers just got together and picked the worst possible name for what we do) used to struggle with the question, “What is Rolfing?” I’m sure you can relate, if you’ve tried to explain it to anyone, ever. Ida used to say that Rolfing was education, and in that vein, I’d like to give out some scholarships to celebrate 5 years doing this work, but I need your help.

Here’s how this is going to work. During the week of April 6th through April 12th, if you want, you come in and get a session. Then, whoever you want to receive a scholarship comes in the following week, April 13th through the 20th, for free, as long as I’ve never seen them (as a client) before. So, if there’s that person in your life, be it a spouse, a child, a coworker, a friend, a parent, a neighbor, a lover, that you’ve been trying, desperately, to convince to come get Rolfed, this is your (and their) chance. You get a session, they get a session. Total cost: one session. I don’t even care if you two work it out and split the cost of the first session. Just how generous you want to be is up to you. But you need to come in that first week and give me the name of the person you’re gifting the scholarship session to for the second week. Capisci? Let’s educate (Rolf) the masses!

Okay, next order of business: Music. To all of you who sent me suggestions or brought me CDs, thank you so much! I finally have a new playlist and I’m so excited to share it with you next time you’re in. If you still have more suggestions, but never got around to letting me know, feel free to keep ‘em coming. It’s been such a joy being exposed to new music through you. Thank you!

Lastly, I wanna talk to all my Lafayette (and surrounding area) peeps. I left my practice in Lafayette a while back as I focused more on being in Denver and doing less driving in my life, and because of that, I no longer get to see some of you, which gives me a sad. Hopefully, you have found new and lovely and wonderful practitioners to take care of your bodywork needs. However, if you haven’t, I have fantastic news! My friend, Dave Sheldon, who I’ve mentioned before, is now practicing Rolfing and SourcePoint Therapy in Lafayette, and I promise you, he is lovely and wonderful (though not new, as he has more experience than I do, by far). And I just googled his office location and it’s a whopping 1.2 miles from my old office (or 4 minutes by car). Dave is my Rolfer, and I can give no higher praise than that, but he also works in a way that is remarkably similar to the way I work, so if you’re missing my particular brand of magic, Dave is as close as it gets, without the drive to Denver. So please, check him out if you’re so inclined.

That’s what I’ve got for you this time. Stay cool, my lovelies!