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Well, let me tell you, I work with people of all ages.  I love working with children.  To date, the youngest person I’ve worked with was three weeks old.  Birth is a pretty traumatic experience and usually there’s some residual holding patterns that a kid can get stuck with if they’re not addressed.  In older children, I’ve worked with general posture, back pain, ADD, sleep patterns, headaches and migraines, and self confidence issues.  It’s fun for me to work with kids for a lot of reasons, but one of the main ones is that their tissues respond so quickly.  They have patterns that have only been held for a few years, instead of 20 or 40, and those patterns are quick to unravel with a little input.

On the other end of the spectrum, my oldest client so far was 87.  I enjoy working with the elderly as well, but you have to understand that scoliosis in an 87-year-old is a very different issue than scoliosis in a 12-year-old.  Treatment for older people is generally going to take longer, both in session length and number.  And reversing an 87-year-old pattern completely is nearly impossible, although there’s a lot that can be done by way of pain management and damage control.

So now you know.  If you’re alive, I’ll work with you.  I’m not an ageist, after all.